ADCD Paper Fashion Show Reaches New Heights

Section 45 created a paper fashion that reached new heights, literally. We began concepting ideas for the 2010 Art Directors Club of Denver 6th Annual Paper Fashion Show in January 2010. Our team of more than 20 designers, came up with the idea of “A Tree in Motion” – spending more than 200 hours to produce the wearable duds. Our model Annabel emerged as a tribute to creativity and sustainability. Each of her leaves were dyed and assembled by hand, crimped, crinkled, and cut with purpose and perfection. Nestled within the foliage of her dress were origami flowers and birds, printed foliage and hand-painted butterflies. The tree design honors the roots of paper and gave thanks to our paper sponsor, Xpedx. At the Paper Fashion Show we fashioned an idea that led to Section 45 and Philosophy Communication receiving the the “Fan Favorite” award. Now, for next year, what shall we do?

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