Expect The “Unexpected” Baby

Roth Distributing Brochure

Reposted from Philosophy Blog: At Philosophy there is nothing worse than when we present our ideas to the other team members and the resounding consensus from the team is – “That is sooooo expected.” In our world, your co-workers might as well say, “Your baby is ugly.” And in our office nobody wants an ugly baby. So with that in mind, we try to push the envelope and come up with something different, something unexpected. The client doesn’t always pick the unexpected, but if we aren’t pushing our creative chops, we haven’t done the best job for our clients. Tasked with producing a simple tri-fold for our client Roth Distributing, Philosophy created the following tri-fold with a horizontal opening and a strong headline to carry the piece. But like any other time you choose to be a little unexpected, you must be careful that you don’t trick the trick too much. The tri-fold was 27 inches long, and only a few printers had the press capabilities to print such a piece. If you want to have more printer choices, you need to keep the fold-out to less than 24 inches. We chose Lange Graphics to print 10,000 for $3,500. But the printing quotes ranged from .35 – $1.15 a piece, so it was a good thing that we obtained so many printing estimates. But at the end of the day, the costs, creativity and writing don’t matter if the client doesn’t agree. In this case, we were lucky to learn from the client that the regional managers loved the Roth Gallery brochure, and ultimately, they agreed, we had a pretty, “unexpected,” baby. 

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