The dos and don’ts of moderating your firm’s social network pages

In July 2010, Pepsi launched its ‘Do good for the Gulf’ campaign: awarding $1.3 million in grants to help clean up initiatives as a result of the BP oil disaster). This initiative is part of the wider decision by Pepsi to ditch its Superbowl advertising to invest more in social media; the result is the $20 million Pepsi Refresh project.

Like many brands, Pepsi has invested in a combination of its own community and a Facebook community. It is increasingly the case that social media campaigns for consumer brands use a combination of owned and third-party media; of this third-party media, it is likely that one element will be a social network: creating profiles, pages, groups, competitions and other digital content within a social network such as Facebook, MySpace, or a YouTube channel.

Of course, the ‘big four’ social networks – MySpace, Facebook, YouTube and Bebo (sold by AOL in June to Criterion Capital Partners) – were not originally designed as marketing platforms, and so the rules that govern them are not always clear to brands. To be fair, the rules aren’t always clear to anyone. Continue Reading

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